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Learn about business and partnership opportunities with the world’s largest providers of TEFL certification training for teaching English abroad. iTTi trains more than 15,000 English teachers annually and offers internationally accredited TESL-TEFL certification courses online and in more than 55 locations around the globe. All of our classes meet or exceed the international standards for a professional TEFL course.

TEFL/TESOL Licensing Business Program has developed a vast network of contacts over the years that have greatly contributed to our success. Our ever-increasing cooperation with EFL-training providers and recruiters in many cities around the world are a great benefit for our graduates.

As a result, we are interested in building strong partnerships around the world to mutually benefit both our organizations. Whether you provide language training, work in the hospitality industry, or transact local or global business, we will be glad to consider working with you.

TEFL teaching and training is a massive global industry that continues to grow year upon after year.

Whether the global economy is booming or in recession, the TEFL market remains strong. Quite simply, there is always a global demand to learn and teach English! This fact ensures a secure investment for anyone wanting to start a business in TEFL, with expansive opportunities for growth and development into a long and secure future.

International TEFL Training Institute is a worldwide accredited TEFL (TESOL) training organization helping people become certified to teach English globally. If you are interested in a business opportunity with iTTi, such as obtaining a license to conduct TEFL certification courses in your community, or you possess other business ideas relevant to the services we provide, we will be happy to consider your proposal. International TEFL Training Institute offers interested parties a great business opportunity with immediate return on investment. Run accredited TEFL/TESOL courses at your location. With insignificant startup cost, you will be able to earn money with the very first TEFL course. Our menu of services for our business partners contain management consulting, and marketing training performed by highly qualified, professional staff.

iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal
iTTi Badges TEFL TESOL Job Portal

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Join an established network! Partner with iTTi and benefit from 35 years of proven success. iTTi is celebrating 35 years in business this year. During this time, we have gained an excellent reputation in the industry. Although we currently have partners in quite a number of locations worldwide, we are still looking to expand our License Business Program

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Become an iTTi Agent

iTTi Agent program offers partnership opportunities for companies looking to promote state-of-the-art TEFL training.

• Do you work with students who are interested in studying abroad, international internships, English teaching programs or volunteering?

• Are you interested in an additional service that fits perfectly with your customer base or website visitors?

Whether an Affiliate or Agent, there are several options to promote or re-sell iTTi's TEFL classes which can make a great addition to any English school, recruiting company, teaching abroad program and more!

• We provide your students with a choice of different programs, locations and services to best meet their needs.

• You receive commission from iTTi programs and follow-on commission from our university partners once your students begin their degree programs

• We are committed to providing the best service possible to you and your students from application to graduation.

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Join iTTi - Apply as a TEFL Trainer

The staff at iTTi work together as a team to achieve one goal: to ensure that our students realize their dreams of going abroad to teach, travel, and explore. Our team is the primary reason that iTTi is one of the largest, fastest growing TEFL training schools in the world. We seek to hire new team members who possess extensive international experience and who are committed to empowering our students to share in the experience of discovering new cultures, exploring the world, and becoming true global citizens while teaching English abroad.

As a global TEFL-training organization, we are sometimes in need of TEFL trainers, individuals with excellent knowledge of English and the methodology to teach it. English has become a global mode of communication; therefore, the demand for professional English teachers is on the rise every minute. As a result, a huge number of job opportunities for certified English language teachers open around the world.

iTTi TEFL Certification provides a chance for each and every English-speaking individual with an excellent command of English to change careers and enjoy a new beginning as an English teacher. Being a teacher is not like any other nine-to-five profession. It involves a lot of job satisfaction, continuous learning, self-motivation, and development, as well as guiding and mentoring of students.
This is an attractive, challenging career option for those professionals who want to escape the corporate life. It’s attractive to those who want to become a successful English teacher while traveling around the world. The most promising reason to become a TEFL-certified teacher is to get into a process of learning and delivering knowledge while enjoying a handsome salary package that ultimately leads to a comfortable lifestyle.

Our graduates get jobs in private language schools, in kindergartens, in elementary, middle, and high schools after completion of the TEFL program. It is not hard to get a teaching job in an organization as a soft skill trainer or as a lecturer in a college. To get a decent job at a university however, an individual has to have a higher education and a couple of years of teaching experience to match up the requirements of the employer. Some jobs are also available which require a certain minimum qualification such as the job of an assistant language teacher in a public school. A TEFL certification will definitely help an individual to get such a job and grow in that career successfully.

Apart from English language teaching and training jobs, there are various other TEFL opportunities: communication trainers, English improvement mentors, soft skill trainers, etc. Employment opportunities for English language teachers cross borders. Besides Asia, there are other countries in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East that offer lucrative salaries along with excellent working conditions in order to increase the standard of education in these countries.Besides the regular salary, a TEFL job often comes with an attractive completion bonus and various other benefits such as free food and accommodation, medical insurance, free airfare, and many more. For all of our graduates, TEFL has become a life-changing event that resulted in an above-average lifestyle full of excitement and learning.

The ideal candidate would possess an MA TESOL and several years of proven English-teaching experience. In addition to teaching the TEFL course, you have to engage in some record-keeping, talk to occasional visitors, and keep steady contact with the global headquarter.
Our programs run four weeks at a time, 30 hours a week. As a TEFL trainer, you have to be able to follow a preset teaching schedule and conduct the classes as per specified outline. If you feel that teaching individuals how to teach English and help them find a school after the training would be something you like to do, we encourage you to complete below questionnaire and forward your resume/CV to us.
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University Relations

iTTi works with countless universities around the globe under our Credit Transfer Program (Waiver). The credit transfer occurs by iTTi forwarding detailed transcripts for our 120-Hour onsite and combined training to the graduate school. Upon review of the transcripts, our TEFL graduates will be admitted to graduate study if they can prove two prerequisites: a bachelor’s degree of an accredited higher education institution and a successfully completed 120-Hour iTTi TEFL Certification with Teaching Practicum.

Often, additional service hours as an English teacher will support (but are not required) their application for admission. The opportunity provided by iTTi to universities is unique.

The majority of iTTi-graduated students opt for higher education organizations that will grant them the desired credit as elective class on their TESOL Certification. There is no doubt that iTTi provides a substantial number of higher education students to universities.

• Do you work with students or recent graduates interested in living & working abroad?
• Would you like to offer students at your institution the information they need to travel the world and get international work experience on their resume?

It’s no secret that new college grads face one of the toughest job markets since generations. Teaching English abroad offers a viable employment opportunity to nearly any college student or recent graduate – no prior teaching experience is necessary! Not to mention, it is a life-changing experience to live overseas.
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iTTi Pathway to your University dream !

iTTi Pathway to your University dream !

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