TESOL Course in Kuala Lumpur
What can be said about Kuala Lumpur that you don’t already know?
TEFL Course in Kuala Lumpur
An incredible destination for a TEFL course
Teach English in Malaysa
An incredible destination for a TEFL course

"I travel because I'd rather look back at my life saying I can't believe I did that, instead of 'If only I had.."


Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is known to the world over for its cultural diversity, wide-range of tropical forests, mouthwatering cuisine and its glorious beaches and islands.

Malaysia comprises two parts: Peninsular Malaysia or West Malaysia which is the southernmost stretch of the Asian continent, and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the island of Borneo the world’s third largest island, often referred to collectively as East Malaysia.

The Petronas Towers is very impressive and dominate the KL skyline.Yes, the towers hold the record of being the tallest twin towers in the world, but in addition, the double- decker bridge between the structures is also the world’s highest. But, yikes, the bridge actually isn’t connected to either tower at all! It moves in and out of both buildings to prevent damage when the towers sway too and fro during high winds.

Malays, Chinese, Indians are the three most common diverse ethnic groups that can be seen in Malaysia and including many other different culture. Malaysian cuisine diversifies the multi-cultural ethnic. Local and international cuisine is available at Jalan Alor food street and Changkat Bukit Bintang. Just keep in mind, Bukit Bintang is an area compromised of shopping malls, cuisines, fashion, diversified culture and a lot of tourists. The beautiful tropical climate of Malaysia is just one stop to begin your TEFL journey.

Our Tefl Kuala Lumpur institute

Our EFL school is nestled within KL’s Golden Triangle along Jalan Binjai, with the Petronas Twin Towers looming majestically nearby. Because of its prominence and centralized location, the school is highly accessible area with train stations just a few steps away and within 5 minutes walking distance to most of the prominent KLCC and Intermark mall , restaurants, bars, and Petronas Twin Towers and Aquaria Park. The school has one classroom, spacious and accommodates around 20 students in a classroom. The building has a great coffee spot, bar and collaborative breakout spaces for students. We offer 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL certificate, teaching different specializations, such as business English, young learners and many others.

work in Kuala Lumpur as a tefl

Malaysia has large population and is a fast developing economy, the job market for EFL teachers are in great demand, especially for those with a BA degree, 120- Hour TEFL certification & some teaching experience. There are many international or private schools, colleges and universities that requires qualified English teacher to teach EFL/ESL.

A good salary allows English teachers in Malaysia to live a comfortable lifestyle. Most schools typically offer 20 to 25 hours of work per week, leaving plenty of time to travel and explore. Most teaching jobs are concentrated in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities.

TEFL Courses in Kuala Lumpur fill up quickly!



Total tuition: US $1,300

Deposit: $500, due at registration.

Balance payment: $800, due five business days before the first course date. Tuition includes moderation, certificate and full career-support services (CV/resume setup, school information, interview guidance and departure support). Complimentary add-on: specialization in Teaching Business, TOEFL Preparation or Young Learners.
Course Dates in 2020

  • November 16th – December 30th 2020

    Teaching Practice Dates in 2021
  • January 4th – February 11th 2021
  • February 22nd – 2nd April 2021
  • April 12th – 21st May 2021
  • 31st May – 9th July 2021
  • 26th July – 3rd September 2021
  • 13th September – 22nd October
  • 8th November – 17th December 2021


75% on-line/25% on-site training

Total tuition: US $1,000

Deposit: $500 due at registration.

Balance payment:$ 500 due five business days before start of the teaching practice. Tuition includes moderation, certificate and full career-support services (CV/resume setup, school information, interview guidance and departure support). Complimentary add-on: specialization in Teaching Business, TOEFL Preparation or Young Learners.
Course Dates in 2021

  • 4 January – 15 January
  • 1 February – 12 March
  • 1 March – 12 March
  • 5 April – 16 April
  • 3 May – 14 May
  • 7 June – 18 July
  • 5 July – 16 July
  • 2 August – 13 August
  • 6 September – 17 September
  • 4 October – 15 October
  • 8 November – 19 November
  • 22 November – 3 December

    Teaching Practice Dates in 2022
  • 3 January 2022 – 14 January 2022
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Meet our iTTi TEFL Kuala Lumpur team

Being an EFL Trainer at iTTi was a dream come true. Coming from a background of an Educationist and a middle class family from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I have never thought of owning my own academy in Kuala Lumpur. With the help and guidance from Tacito Curry & Adriana Blumberg I have entered into a new podium. Previously, I have taught in several International schools with great experience in IGCSE and IPC syllabus for couple of years and later on I moved to the United States to pursue my Masters in Education. It was quite a turn for an introvert Educationist like me.

The United States was an amazing platform for me to assimilate about myself . Wayne State University was diverse enough to give opportunities for International students like me to work while studying. With that being said, I was working under an organization called Warrior VIP # Wayne State University # WSU. We had diverse population of students in the organization. Lots of meetings, student observation, mentoring and conference through Warrior VIP allowed me to be more resilient , understand about myself, to increase my self-esteem and unleash my passion. When I returned back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I had high hopes to be a lecturer, but I did not get any opportunity. I applied to multiple Universities and colleges and it all fell on to deaf ears. Finally, the universe heard me and landed me into iTTi Kuala Lumpur to become an EFL trainer. I was able to utilize my entire knowledge and skills at iTTi to train my trainees. I am really looking forward for more teachers or future teachers to take the lifetime opportunity to become TESOL certified in Kuala Lumpur, and be a part of global teacher education organization.

Seetha Changayah


How to apply for a TESOL course

Step 1

To begin the admission process for the iTTi Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, you must first choose your start date, complete the online application form, and pay a non-refundable deposit of USD $500.

Step 2

An iTTi Enrollment Counselor will then contact you with instructions on how to complete the required English proficiency assessment test. If you are not a native speaker. You must obtain a B2/C1 level. A certificate will be provided by the School of English

Step 3

Once you are notified of your acceptance into the iTTi in Malaysia, your remaining tuition balance is due 30 days prior to your course start date.

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