TESOL Course in Krakow
What can be said about Poland that you don’t already know?
TEFL Course in Krakow
An incredible destination for a TEFL course
Teach English in Poland
An incredible destination for a TEFL course

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, sothat we may fear less.”


Poland has some of the most attractive cities in all of Europe. It makes sense that it would be your first choice when deciding to take your TESOL Certification Course. iTTi-Poland has opened it’s first language Center in the city of Katowice. This center is the first of it’s kind in the region. With it’s state-of-the- art infrastructure, it boasts a décor that is conducive to learning English and all 3 of its classrooms are equipped with high-tech interactive smart boards. The entire center has high speed WiFi internet.

The academy has 3 classrooms equipped with whiteboards, flipcharts, screen and projectors and can accommodate 15-20 students in each. Besides the classrooms, the school features a lounge and a kitchen for students where they can relax during break and get coffee or tea and some snacks. iTTi Poland is a pioneer in English teacher training programs. Our staff of qualified, experienced teacher trainers will be at your side during your training process.  Friendly, professional administrative assistants are waiting to support you for a comfortable stay.

Classes run from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday through to Thursday. We also have optional evening classes and weekend classes for the extended course. The career support starts during Week 2. You will draw up your resume/ CV and send it to schools in your desired destination. iTTi Poland is pleased to offer a number of other related courses, like the 3-day International Teacher Certificate (ITC) and our General English course. While studying in Katowice, places of interest close by are Krakow and Warsaw.

A Dream City
Warsaw is itself a dream city: beautiful parks everywhere like the Lazienki Park with peacocks and pheasants wandering around, the Saxon Garden, with more than 100 species of trees, and the spacious Krasinski Palace Garden with its imposing statue of King John III Sobieski, who saved Europe from a Turkish invasion in 1683.
Warsaw has world-class opera and ballet companies, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, four major universities and 62 colleges, more than 30 theatres, and hundreds of museums.

If Warsaw attracts the business travelers, Krakow, Poland’ ancient capital, attracts the tourists — about ten million a year.
Nearly all of them come to visit the Wawel Royal Castle, which dates back to the 13th Century, and houses the Czartoryski Museum, home to Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece ‘Lady with an Ermine.’

Our tefl Krakow institute

Poland has a really rich history, so you will see unique monuments everywhere, no matter if it’s a big city, small town or a village. Churches, castles (like  Lancut castle ), tenements are some examples of the amazing architecture you can see in Poland. No matter where you go, every place in Poland will have something interesting to offer. You will be surprised how full of contrast this country is. Buildings in mountains are really high with pointed roofs, old townhouses (like those in Krakow) are colourful and compact. You could literally spend the whole day finding different building ornaments in cities like Gdansk.

Traveling in Poland is cheap. Compared to famous European tourist destinations like Paris or London, the Polish prices are ridiculously low. You will pay half the price for food, accommodation or transportation. Polish food is literally the best in Europe. And it’s not only about the taste but also about the ingredients. The quality of Polish food is really high, basically everything you can find in a grocery store could be qualified as organic in countries like the US. Dishes in Poland (and some other countries of Eastern Europe) can’t be compared to anything else. They are filling but healthy.

Over the years, Poles have made astounding contributions to life on this planet. Did you know that Max Factor, the famous make-up artist was a native Pole? Or that we know that the sun is the centre of the Universe because of Kopernik, scientist born in Poland?

Did you know that people can diagnose and cure cancer because of the first woman- scientist, Marie Sklodowska- Curie, who invented radioactivity? Or that thousands of people don’t die because of this Polish invention, the bulletproof vest? Do you like Häagen-Daaz ice cream? Well, it is also a Polish invention.

The list could go on and on, some other examples of Polish inventions are the hologram, color photography, the kerosene lamp, mine detectors, the helicopter, the car wiper and the Lunar Roving Vehicle (used in the famous Apollo mission).


A TEFL job in Poland as a native or non-native certified English teacher is an excellent opportunity. It is a country with a tremendous demand for English language learning. Poland has for many years been the go-to country for EFL institutes and today it presents great opportunity for English teachers to find work.

Finding a Job
Just like you would expect anywhere in the world, finding a job can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. We as iTTi Krakow will do our best to assist any of our graduates in finding the job that suits them. Poland has large EFL institute chains. Such schools are popular places to work as TEFL instructors. Private lessons are also a promising TEFL career, and the average rate can be anywhere from $10 – $25 an hour. Upon successful completion of your TEFL certification program with our institute, we will stay by your side until you land a job.

Classroom & Work Culture
Polish students are very dedicated to their studies and you will find that they eagerly participate in the lessons. They are well behaved and respond well to positive feedback. They are seen to be high achievers and will often do more than the teacher requires in order to master the language they are learning.

When and Where to Look for Jobs
The most popular places to find jobs are in cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. However there are countless opportunities in the smaller towns where people are beginning to desire to learn English.

English jobs in Poland are available all year round, although the winter Christmas break is the most difficult time since everything is closed. You will need to have a work permit from your company in order to enter the country. Teachers from the EU have no need of visas, but if you are coming from outside the EU, it is a little more difficult.

Required Qualifications
Teachers interested in working in Poland at a small, private language institute may only need a TEFL certificate. To obtain a work visa, a higher salary and all kinds of benefits at a more prestigious school or university requires at least a TEFL certificate, a BA and some previous teaching experience.

Salary & Cost of Living
A foreign teacher can expect to earn anywhere from $600 to $2,000 a month, depending on your qualifications and location. Larger school chains offer to pay for housing and airline tickets depending on the location you apply to and your contract with them. If housing isn’t included, just ask the school faculty whom you are applying with; everyone is friendly and happy to help make you feel comfortable in your new home. The working week in Poland is Monday to Friday, but very often you could be asked to teach on Saturday as well.

TESOL Courses in Poland fill up quickly



Total tuition: PLN 3,500

Deposit: $500 (due upon registration).

Balance payment: PLN 2,000 (due 7 days before the first day of the four-week program)
TESOL Calendar (Full-Time)
Dates for 2021

  • 1 February 2021 – 25 February 2021
  • 1 March 2021 – 25 March 2021
  • 5 April 2021 – 29 April 2021
  • 3 May 2021 – 27 May 2021
  • 1 June 2021 – 28 June 2021
  • 5 July 2021 – 29 July 2021
  • 2 August 2021– 26 August 2021
  • 6 September 2021 – 30 September 2021
  • 4 October 2021 – 28 October 2021
  • 1 November 2021– 25 November 2021
  • This is a four-week, in-class TEFL certification with a teaching practicum with actual EFL students. Graduates have the choice of one among three TEFL specializations: Teach Business English, Teach Young Learners, or Teach IELTS Preparation.
    Teaching Practice Dates

  • 15 February 2021 – 18 February 2021
  • 15 March 2021 – 18 March 2021
  • 19 April 2021– 22 April 2021
  • 17 May 2021 – 20 May 2021
  • 14 June 2021 – 17 June 2021
  • 19 July 2021 – 22 July 2021
  • 16 August 2021 – 19 August 2021
  • 20 September 2021 – 23 September 2021
  • 18 October 2021 – 21 October 2021
  • 15 November 2021 – 18 November 2021


    75% on-line/25% on-site training

    Total tuition: US $1,800

    Deposit: $500, due at registration.

    Balance payment: $1,300 due five business days before start of the Teaching Practicum.

    Tuition includes moderation, certificate, and full career-support services (CV/resume setup, school information, interview guidance and departure support). Complimentary add-on: specialization in either Teaching Business, TOEFL Preparation, or Young Learners.

    You may start the online theory at any time and work at your own pace. Before you come for your Teaching Practicum, please finish the online part. You will need the knowledge to teach proper English classes.

    Teaching Practicum Dates

    • 4 January 2021 – 13 January 2021
    • 1 March 2021 – 10 March 2021
    • 3 May 2021 – 12 May 2021
    • 1 June 2021 – 10 June 2021
    • 6 July 2021 – 15 July 2021
    • 2 August 2021 – 11 August 2021
    • 7 September 2021 – 16 September 2021
    • 4 October 2021 – 14 October 2021
    • 1 November 2021 – 10 November 2021

    The iTTi Poland Team

    Conway Stanley is not only a gifted and outstanding English teacher, but his accomplishments as an entrepreneur have proven to be noteworthy. As a graduate of Bechet College of Education in 1988, he went on to teach English and Mathematics at a high school in his home town, Durban. This South African born teacher took to his new career with ease, developing a passion and love for teaching.
    Within the first decade of his career, Conway had branched out of main stream education and took to the skies as a Trainer for South African Airways. This was the beginning of his international teaching career. He then went on to teach in Kent, UK where he lived with his family for 4 years. Conway’s 30 year career has seen him teaching ESL in South Korea, Dubai and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has served in a number of strategic roles, some of which include; Headteacher at Global Education Center, Academic Director in Riyadh and Curriculum Developer for more than one company.

    Teaching has not been his only passion. Conway has proven to be quite the serial entrepreneur. His first foray into the business world was in 2007 when he opened GEC Recruitment and Training in Cape Town. He then went on to establish Pinnacle Learning Academy in 2015, and though these enterprises proved to be successful for a while, he was still searching for the one thing that he knew was still missing. In 2019, he responded to an advertisement by iTTi and within a few short months he was the proud license owner of two different iTTi partnerships. Conway is now the owner and Director of iTTi-Poland and iTTi-Egypt, and is a 50% partner in iTTi Saudi Arabia. He is a certified TESOL Trainer for iTTi and is currently managing both branches of his global business.

    Conway C. Stanley

    CEO iTTi Poland

    How to apply for a TESOL course

    Step 1

    To begin the admission process for the iTTi Krakow , you must first choose your start date, complete the online application form, and pay a non-refundable deposit of USD $500.

    Step 2

    An iTTi Enrollment Counselor will then contact you with instructions on how to complete the required English proficiency assessment test. If you are not a native speaker. You must obtain a B2/C1 level. A certificate will be provided by the School of English

    Step 3

    Once you are notified of your acceptance into the iTTi in Krakow , your remaining tuition balance is due 30 days prior to your course start date.

    Accreditation, Affiliation & Membership