TEFL Course in Philippines
An incredible destination for a TEFL course
Teach English in Cebu
An incredible destination for a TEFL course
TESOL Course in Philippines
What can be said about Cebu that you don’t already know?

TEFL Course in Cebu

" You don't need magic to disappear.. All you need is a destination.. "

TEFL Course in Cebu


From bustling cities to stunning beaches and mountains, from awe-inspiring active volcanoes to deep in the forest hidden indigenous people, the Philippines has a lot to offer adventurous explorers among TEFL course participants.

The country is located in the Pacific Ocean near the equator and consists of 7,640 islands of which only one/fourth are inhabited. Cebu belongs to the larger islands found at the southern end of the archipelago.

Referred to as one of the Philippines’ top destinations among foreign and domestic travelers, Cebu City presents a perfect balance of island coast and cosmopolitan living. It’s also a historical city and one of the birthplaces of Christianity in the Philippines. If you are not sure where to go during your TEFL course, why don’t you visit the Philippines and come to Cebu City? We guarantee you that you want to come back to this tropical paradise after you have visited once.

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The World's Best Elected
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iTTi Cebu in the Philippines is located at the heart of Cebu City where everything is within your reach. There is a total of at least 10 malls within the city, of which one is dubbed as the biggest mall in Asia–the SM Seaside. There is a good variety of local and international coffee shops and restaurants which are very accessible.

The centre offers the 120-Hour On-Site TESOL Course and the 120-Hour Combined TESOL Course. It is well equipped with the basic technology needed by the trainees as an aid in completing the course. The staff are very helpful and are willing to go the extra mile to assist our trainees. This is our way of showing Filipino hospitality. The course runs from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with one hour lunch break from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm. During the duration of the course, two weeks will be allotted for theory and grammar with phonology. The remaining two weeks will be for lesson planning and practice teaching. The teaching practice can be at the centre, in the community, or in schools depending on the availability of our partner institutions.

work in CEBU as a tefl TEACHER

Teaching English in Cebu

The relaxed atmosphere and the warm welcome of the Filipino people make the Philippines a well-known tourist destination. But, tourist destination it may be, it does not mean that it is not an ideal place to live in. If you are looking for better job opportunities in teaching, the Philippines is one of the best places you can ever find. Aside from the tropical heat and the glamorous beaches it offers, many migrants from neighboring Asian countries move to this country in search for excellence in using the English language.

Established in this country are universities which offer state-of-the-art facilities. This is to ensure that students are given the highest quality of education. Although Filipinos often use the Tagalog language to communicate, these universities use English as a medium to guarantee that both foreign and local students are globally competitive.

The Philippines’ two major urban centers are Manila (the capital) and the southern city of Cebu, located on the island of the same name. Though residents of Manila deal with crowds and traffic, they are rewarded with the diversity of options in food, nightlife, and daily activities. The cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than that of Western countries.

Job Market in Cebu

English-teaching jobs abound in the Philippines, but there are also many Filipinos who speak English very well and can work in those jobs.

Class Size

In general, classes in Philippines are quite small. Native teachers only get maximum of 10 students in a class. The pay varies from school to school. The bigger and more established the school is the better the pay and benefits will be.

Average Salary

The average salary in Cebu is about US $300 per month for local teachers or Filipinos, but native English speakers are paid around US $1000. This, of course, may vary depending on what type of school or company you work for, whether you work full- or part-time, and what your educational credentials are.

Cost of Living
The US dollar converts to approximately 53 Philippine Pesos (PHP)

Rent and utilities can be exceptionally inexpensive in the Philippines. Here are sample prices for Cebu.

Work Contract
Is it important to have a contract? It is a common practice of most schools not to give long contracts, especially if the foreign teacher wants to stay short term. The reason for that is that it is very expensive for schools to obtain the proper documentation. The schools will help you process your visa or extend your tourist visa. These schools have contacts in the immigration service who do the work for them. This sounds scary, but it is totally fine. If you intend to stay a year or longer, then your school will apply for a work visa. The first time you enter the Philippines, you will be given a 30-day visa. It can be extended another 30 days, three months or six months. The visa fee varies.

Work Visas
Citizens of certain countries planning to enter and visit the Philippines for 30 days or less do not need a visa prior to travel to the Philippines, provided their passport is valid, and they have a valid return ticket.
However, in excess of 30 days, they must either apply for a visa at the nearest Philippine Consular Establishments in their country prior to travel or upon arrival in the Philippines at the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Magallanes Drive, Port Area, Intramuros, Manila, (63-2) 465-2400.

Philippine Law requires that if you plan on working less than half a year there, you are required to apply for a Special Work Permit. However, if your assignment lasts for longer than 6 months, you must apply for a permit called Alien Employment Permit (AEP).

TEFL Courses in CEBU fill up quickly!



Total tuition: $1,500 USD

Deposit: $500 USD must be paid online upon registration.

Balance: $1,000 USD must be paid 5 days before the start of the course.
Course Dates

  • 1 February – 25, 2022
  • 1 March – 26, 2022
  • 4 April – 29, 2022
  • 2 May – 27, 2022
  • 6 June – 30, 2022
  • 4 July – 29, 2022
  • 1 August – 26, 2022
  • 5 September – 30, 2022
  • 3 October – 28, 2022
  • 3 November – 30, 2022
  • 1 December – 23, 2022



    Total tuition: $1,200 USD

    Deposit: $500 USD must be paid upon registration.

    Balance: $700 USD must be paid 5 days before the start of the course.

    Course Dates
  • March 7 – 31, 2022
  • April 4 – 29, 2022
  • May 2 – 27, 2022
  • June 6 – 30, 2022
  • July 4 – 29, 2022
  • August 1 – 26, 2022
  • September 5 – 30, 2022
  • October 3 – 28, 2022
  • November 7 – 30, 2022
  • December 1 – 23, 2022
  • *Note: depending on the month, the center may accept special arrangement training schedule subject for the availability of the trainer. Please contact us directly.