Teach and study in Spain!

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iTTi SPAIN in collaboration with Number 16 School are extremely proud to offer this new program aimed at offering the brightest and best potential teachers the opportunity to train and get TEFL certified followed by beginning an immediate, full time salaried position in the most exciting and ambitious language schools in Spain. If you are someone who is comfortable meeting new people, outgoing, energetic and loves working hard, then this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for!
Teach English in Spain
Alice Purcell
I love trying new things, whether it be food, or an activity.
Teach English in Spain
Sam Jordan
Coming from a country that is constantly overcast, I just love living in Spain
Teach English in Spain
Phill Mcarry
I love using our Direct Method in class.

Would you like to get TEFL Certified and live a unique Experience in Spain?

iTTi Spain & Number 16 School are pioneers in offering you this UNIQUE PROGRAM AND EXPERIENCE, where you can obtain your TEFL certification while having an assured job in Spain at a market leader English School. The program takes place in five prime Spanish cities, in eight different Number 16 Schools. Candidates can choose from living in the Spanish capital – Madrid, to next to the beach with a warmer climate in Valencia or Barcelona, in a smaller and surrounded by great landscapes city like Zaragoza or in a state of the art city like Bilbao.

Why Spain?

Famous for its good weather, history and atmosphere. There are always things to do, world beating events, streets where you can eat tapas, streets full of passionate new people to meet and restaurants to go to. If you are interested in art, Spain is a country full of museums and world famous galleries.
The country is famous for its relaxed, mediterranean attitude towards life where food, family and friends are of the utmost importance. While working in the USA or the UK it’s common to see people eating their lunch as they walk down the street in a hurry or eating on public transport so it’s refreshing to see a different, slower pace of life as people take time to enjoy their lunch with friends sitting outside in the street or in park.

One of the instantly recognizable traits of the Spanish is their inimitable easy-going personalities, they are open to change when necessary and are incredibly passionate about everything! About learning English, working, playing and watching sport, meeting new people….everything is done with a Spanish passion that has to be experienced from within.
A key aspect to our team members settling in Spain and enjoying life is the affordability of the country (even within its major cities!). Eating and socializing with friends and family is an everyday occurrence and is priced as such. In comparison to native English-speaking countries the cost of living for both accommodation and basic necessities is low.
Of course, we can’t mention living and working in Spain without mentioning its famous weather! Tourists flock here from all over the world to experience its reliable sunshine and warm temperatures, and our teachers are the same! Summer weekends and holidays can be spent at the beach or hiking in the mountains, while some teachers prefer to lounge at their local public swimming pool.

One amazing aspect of Spain that is commonly forgotten is the sheer diversity of its regions and landscapes. Many of our teachers enjoy skiing in the winter months in the Spanish resorts of Formigal and Panticosa in the Aragonese Pyrenees. If the cooler temperatures aren’t to your liking, then head to Valencia or further south to Andalucia to take in some warm winter sun. Of course, the famous Spanish regions have their own unique cultures and festivals to enjoy! From the wine throwing in Teruel, tomato throwing in Valencia, to the bull running in Pamplona! Amazing experiences for all to enjoy!
For those teachers who are coming to Europe from further afield, Spain is an ideal starting point to launch European long weekends or longer excursions during annual leave. From Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, and Bilbao, you can catch a flight to anywhere in the world. So why not experience London, Paris, or Milan during your time here!,

Why choose Number 16 School?

Number 16 School was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 2010 with the aim of providing high quality english classes that allow students not only to speak english correctly but to think in English!The demand for classes that focus on speaking with a unique atmosphere and young, motivated teachers has led to the expansion of the company across Spain into the most exciting and dynamic cities in the country. This expansion began in 2016 with a second centre in Zaragoza, in 2017 with our first centre in Madrid and Valencia, Bilbao, two more centres in Madrid followed. Most recently,  an incredible new centre in the heart of Barcelona has been established. 2020 has seen a huge rise in demand for remote learning and the formation of our hugely successful online department Number 16+.

As a privately owned school, this rise from having one academy in Zaragoza to becoming a market leader in Spain can be attributed to a number of things: teachers and staff approach their work with an unrivalled energy and motivation to provide our students with excellence. They receive industry-leading training both initially and on-going in small groups. We invest in people. This is at the heart of our strategy.

Our unique methods designed by our quality department for both kids and adults have given us the tools our teachers need to provide amazing classes, and the tools our students need to learn “real” English and begin speaking it from their very first class on.

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Amazing facilities...

Teach English in Spain


Teach English in Spain


Teach English in Spain


Teach English in Spain






Finally, we can´ not dismiss the impact our amazing facilities have had on our success. Of course, we are located in some incredible cities, but our locations within those cities are unrivaled in terms of prestigious buildings and streets, transport links and beauty. Each academy is designed individually, looks modern, and has facilities that help our students and teachers work comfortably.

We believe that English is for everybody!

We believe that English is for everybody! In line with this belief we teach all ages and abilities. Here is a breakdown of our key services;


Number 16 Kids

● Toddlers Classes (1-3 years)

● Urban Camps (winter, Easter, summer)

● Kids Classes (3-12 years)

● Lunchtime Services

Number 16 School

● Onsite Classes

● Online Classes

● Intensives

● 1-to-1 Classes

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Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.28.08 PM

Number 16 Exams

(Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT)

● Onsite Classes

● Online Classes

● Intensives

● 1-to-1 Classes

Number 16 In-Company

● Onsite Classes + Off-site Classes

● Business English

● Online Classes

● Intensives

● 1-to-1 Classes

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Our teachers thrive on teaching a variety of classes within these departments, and it allows for fresh and different working days. There is no getting bored or demotivated here!

As a company that is growing, our recruitment not only focuses on finding the best teachers but also those who can grow within the company and take on more responsibility in the future. Internal promotions are a key part of our strategy. Who is better to take our company forward than those people who know our students and methods of teaching best!


Our passion for training new teachers has led to a partnership between iTTi SPAIN & NUMBER 16 SCHOOL for teacher training and the formation of a program that provides those wishing to start a teaching career with a unique opportunity.

Those accepted into the program will have 240 hours of amazing teacher training and then be able to apply it immediately in a full-time salaried teaching position within the famous Number 16 Schools all over Spain.
Furthermore, as part of the program we take care of all the paperwork needed to legally take part in the program and work full time!

The training program focuses on the exciting, direct method of teaching while also training you in the core skills used by TEFL teachers worldwide.

Once the initial training block is completed, we have our core skills to begin in the classroom in earnest, but the training doesn’t stop! Teachers continue to receive three hours of theory and practical training every week, and we also expand your knowledge into teaching young learners, exam preparation classes, and business English.

The teaching role consists of the following: 

● Full-time salaried position

● One month holiday allowance

● Assistance with landing in Spain (Accommodation, mobile phones, bank accounts, and paperwork)

● Potential to live and work in different Spanish cities during the program e.g. 6 months in Madrid, 6 months in Zaragoza.


* Fill in the questionnaire.

* Option A - Prepare your video - Your video should be between three and five minutes long and consist of two elements. Take some time to introduce and tell us a bit about yourself! Then we would like you to teach us two pieces of vocabulary and one grammar point using energy and style!

* Option B – Prepare your CV – Your CV should be updated and contain a recent picture!

* Send us your video or CV to hr@number16.es – We will give preference in contacting candidates who have submitted a video!

Teach English in Spain


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