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TOEFL iBT test stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Testing.” Passing the TOEFL is an important pre-requisite for international students wanting to study in North American post-secondary institutions. In addition, the score is used by government agencies, scholarship programs, and licensing agencies to assess English proficiency. As a result, English learners around the world are looking for help of certified teachers to prepare for the TOEFL test. This comprehensive 50-hour specialization program is designed by experts in the field to provide you with a solid background in TOEFL preparation, as well as a selection of proven strategies to help your students successfully complete the test and achieve the scores they desire.

Teachers throughout the world often feel uncomfortable and even in fear at the thought of teaching TOEFL preparation, and with good reason.

Have you ever glanced through one of the massive textbooks that are available for the TOEFL or even other major tests? They are all black and white with a lot of tables inside. On top, they come with CDs. When first-time TOEFL teachers come across these telephone-book-like volumes, they probably wonder how to teach all of that.

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It is in the teacher’s best interest to know how to teach TOEFL, as this is one of the most lucrative areas of teaching English as a foreign language, plus some of the topics in the reading and listening parts can be really interesting. The exam is generally conducted on computer and covers all four key areas: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

While official jobsites are seeing annual salaries as high as $61,500 and as low as $17,500, the majority of TOEFL Teacher salaries currently range between $34,500 to $51,500 with top earners making $60,500 annually across the United States.

Teaching TOEFL is like teaching anything else, except the biggest differences are that you will be focusing on the structure of the exam and dealing with integrated activities. The integrated activities require the use of different skills, such as a spoken response to a reading passage, followed by a listening passage.

No matter what, with a little bit of study, preparation, and some guidance, any teacher can create excitement in the classroom and become a great TOEFL teacher! We are here to help you make this happen.

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• PART 1

Why We Take the TOEFL.

Learn about the structure of the test.

Structuring a TOEFL Preparation Class.

From Warm-up Activities over Skill Introductions, to Exercises—Opportunities to Get Students Involved.

Figuring out What Your Students Know and What They Don’t know.

Separating the Important from the Unimportant.

From Diagnosis and Scoring to Practicing Ten Reading Skills to the Reading Post-Test.

From Diagnosis and Scoring to Practicing Six Listening Skills to the Listening Post-Test.

From Diagnosis and Scoring to Practicing 18 Speaking Skills to the Speaking Post-Test.

From Diagnosis and Scoring to Practicing 14 Writing Skills to the Writing Post-Test.

• PART 2

• PART 3

Tips and Tricks to Create an Exciting TOEFL Classroom.



Fluency in both spoken and written English. Preferably a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Yes, you can. Your English has to be at the C1/C2 level.

The amount is so little that we expect you to pay for the entire course.

The tutor is to receive your assignments at the end of the program..

You will get time to study once more and will repeat testing after one week.

Yes, we will help you with career support information.

If you speak English very well and know your subject in an out, you will find this process easy to handle.

You can always come back and ask for help.

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