Daily Archives: June 1, 2022

EFL TEACHERS! DO YOU MAKE THESE NINE MISTAKES IN CLASS?  1 YOU TELL THE STUDENTS TOO MANY THINGS. This is what I also call the “saying out loud things that you should just keep to yourself” syndrome. It goes something like this: you say to your class, “OK, so we’re going to play this game, but we’re going to use the board instead of these cute little photocopies I had planned to give you, but I can’t give you as the copier is broken. Sorry about that, but these things happen, and well, we need to adapt and adjust to what we have… OK… Oh, I’ll need another marker because this one is not working properly…” And it goes on and on and on… Over time, it becomes irritating for your students. You are supposed to check your materials before class and organize alternatives if need to. Your students don’t need…

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